How to Use Texting to Spice up Your Marriage (It’s Easy)

spice up your marriage

  Can you imagine bringing all the romance, passion and even love to your marriage – Simply by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone? I’ve recently discovered that texting is the quickest and easiest way to spice up my marriage and bring passion back to our every day busy life. Passion Through Texting? […]

Why You Should STOP Solving Your Marriage Problems

man and woman pulling rope - Marriage problems

How long have you been trying to solve your marriage problems? How many problem-solving strategies have you tried? Communication techniques? How long are you frustrated by trying so hard and failing, again and again? Do you fear your marriage is slowly ending? It’s human. When we have problems, we try to solve them. But what if […]

31 Fabulous Date Night Ideas (for Married People)

date night ideas for married people

On our last date night, I stabbed my husband in the stomach. Luckily, he was wearing protective clothing. We were fencing, and I lost. We laughed all the way home. Date nights are one of the easiest and most fun ways to keep the spark in your marriage, strengthen your bond and deepen your friendship, […]

How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis Affair

midlife crisis affair

Moisturizing, drinking a daily probiotic drink, buying an expensive bicycle, joining Twitter, dieting, and inquiring about hair peaces… Are, unfortunately, not the only “symptoms” of the male midlife crisis. The male midlife crisis affair may still be a cliché, but it’s real. It happens all the time, and though you still can’t believe it, it has […]

The 13 Best Marriage Tips I’ve Ever Seen (From the Experts)

best marriage tips

Do you know where you’ll find the best marriage tips of all time? Online. For free. I spend hours each week reading some of the best marriage advice blogs on the web and find amazingly helpful healthy marriage tips. These blogs inspire me, teach me new things and I try to implement them in my […]

4 Reasons You Can’t Get Your Husband to Talk to You

get husband to talk to you

“Can We Talk?” In my 40 years of existence, I’ve never known a man that liked hearing this question. They all literally shrink down in their couch, hoping they’re invisible, or try to run for their life with some excuse (“I forgot something important at work, I’ll be right back”) Do you wish you could […]

101 Short Text Love Messages (For Him)

short text love messages

Every man (and woman) likes to be reminded that he is loved and appreciated. But sending short text love messages to your spouse can be so much more than that: It’s the perfect pick me up on a rotten day. It’s a thoughtful surprise. It keeps you on his mind all day. It’s a quick […]