How to Restore the Trust After He Cheated (The Post Affair Agreement)

restore the trust

How can a woman ever trust her cheating husband again?

Most people would say that it’s impossible to restore the trust after an affair. That if he did it once, he can do it again. That the foundation of the relationship is forever broken.

Is that what you believe too?

After all, he lied to you straight into your face, over and over again. He told you he was at work but he was actually with her. He told you he was out with his friends, but he was in the arms of another woman, while you were taken for a fool.

Is it Even Possible to Restore the Trust?

Trust is the foundation of any intimate relationship. Everything else grows out of the trust you have for one another: Your sense of safety, the feeling of companionship and even your love for one another depends on trust.

So even if you somehow manage to deal with unbelievable shock and pain caused by his affair, you will not be able to salvage your marriage without restoring the trust.

But no matter how hard you try, you can’t.

One night he comes home late from work and says he had a meeting, but you can’t for the life of you believe him completely.

And it’s more than normal.

But, it’s virtually impossible to try to heal from this crisis, communicate honestly and rebuild your marriage again when you’re constantly feeling suspicious and even paranoid, right?

The Most Critical Requirement for Restoring the Trust

I’ve learned about the importance of transparency after an affair from Dr. Gunzburg’s “How to Survive an Affair” program, and it’s the most important thing you and your husband need to address right now, before it’s too late.

Your husband needs to understand that complete transparency is the only direct way to rebuilding your trust in him.

No more weird phone calls, no more evenings out without a call home, no more unshared and secret mails and social media accounts.

With time, complete transparency will bring the trust back to your relationship and make room for rebuilding the love.

But what is complete transparency and how to do it exactly?

The post affair agreement is a list of changes both of you agree to make (but especially the cheating spouse obviously), to start the process of rebuilding the trust in your relationship.

The Post Affair Agreement

1. My cell phone texts, contact list, pictures and calls are not a secret and can be viewed freely by my spouse. The cheating spouse will close out any e-mail accounts or telephone numbers associated with affair.

2. My Facebook account, including private messages, is not a secret and can be viewed anytime by my spouse.

3. I will not delete or hide any text message or Facebook message or e-mail of any kind.

4. I will let my spouse know exactly where I am at any point during the day. I will not make my spouse wonder where I am or what I’m doing.

5. I will call and explain in detail if I am to change my plans. For example, if I am going to be late from work – I will call before hand and explain.

6. If I go out socially without my spouse, I will let him/her exactly who I am going to meet and where.

7. I will try to share more about my work, new people who come into the office and conversations with colleagues (female and male).

8. I will make it a priority to be available on my cell phone when my spouse calls.

9. I will offer to share more about my life, the things that trouble me (or make me happy) – As much as possible.

Husband Signature Wife Signature

Why the Post Affair Agreement is Not Enough

It may take some time, but committing to the post affair agreement will slowly (yet effectively) restore the trust in your relationship, and in your heart.

But you can’t stop there.

Next, it’s time to really face your emotions and rebuild the love in your marriage, if you want to make it better than ever.

In the next sections of Dr. Gunzburg’s program, you will learn about how to rebuild the attention, the caring, the support and the stability in your marriage. And of course – The fun, the laughter and the happiness

It’s NOT impossible.

Trust CAN be restored.

Love CAN be rebuilt.

A marriage CAN survive an affair and become better than ever.

I wouldn’t claim so unless I was living proof of it.

You just need the right knowledge, and the willingness to make an effort.

I always recommend Dr. Gunzburg’s program, if only because it saved my marriage (at the last minute too…).

What do you think? will you ask your husband to sign the post affair agreement? Will you sign it too? Come back and tell me how it worked for you, I’m eager to hear how it has impacted your relationship!

Rooting for ya,



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  1. KELLI says

    My husband has carried on several secret relationships with other women. I have found pictures in his phone. Some were where women had sent him text messages in lingerie, saying Hope you like this one baby. He has even recently bought another pay as you go phone so that he can look up pornography and dating sites. He did this because he knows I check his phone. I feel very unworthy, unloved and hopeless. I also feel like an idiot thinking that our marriage can be saved. His last little escapde of buying a phone to look these things up has just about pushed me over the edge.

    • says

      Kelli, this is truly awful. So if I get it right, he has no remorse for what he has done (and doing) and has not intention of stopping?

      I really think you don’t deserve to be treated like this. I think it’s amazing that you still hang in there and haven’t left him yet.

      Where do things stand now?

      • KELLI says

        I have actually just had a consultation with an attorney. It is about 8 years past time for me to be happy and stop feeling like a roommate. Our son thinks it is time too. He says his dad is never going to change. Time to get my joy back.

  2. says

    My husband cheated with his coworker, that I must add was a friend to both us. One that I trusted and allowed lunch dates and even sent lunch too. I bought baby shower and birthday gift and cards for her and her kids. She knew me I knew her. She knew my kids and my family and we all talked. then I noticed all the things changing is when I knew it was something just didn’t think it was her. It was 5months, that I found through a tracking device that I setup in his phone. They called each other baby. I wanted to kill her and him, but unfortunately for them I love my kids too much to lose them over worthless people. So I stayed and tried to work it out, now let me tell you that he still to this day works with. It was a year November 3. It has been the hardest year I can remember since losing my Dad and brother. I gave him all I got and more then I could by allowing this job to continue even after all the broken empty promises and his defendant actions when I asked about getting a new place of employment, even offered to help him just to see if he would want to help me close this wound that remains open everyday that he continues at this place. He has yet to try even asked that since it bothered me so badly that I be the one to look for a new place of employment, its not the same and I am crumbling because this one thing is obviously tearing us apart. It may seem ridiculous but how can you heal and move on if your living the scary movie everyday. Last weekend he threw it in my face that he was talking to her again, and as much more pain that it caused it just made me realize that I took all that I could with this year, he’s not going to change and I gave all that I could and tried and if that wasn’t good enough then he don’t deserve me. although I have to say I forgot to mention that he was drunk when he said this so he said way more hurtful things pertaining to it as well. He crushed and shattered my heart before the both of them did, but this cut to my core in my soul. I have since left him and live with my sister. He says he said the things he did out of anger just to hurt me and that he never meant any of it and that he loves me blah,blah,blah,blah, and its going to be a week tomorrow that we’re apart. he tries to be loving and cute but im not having it and I certainly don’t want him touching me after all the hurtful things more that he said. I don’t know what to do except make him do for me as I have always done for him. 16 years and 11 married. I feel as if I love him but not in love. I don’t try to lead him on at all when I talk to him. I am straight forward and he knows I mean business. Im not making it easy this time and Im not fixing it and making it go away like everything else. Not this time and im not ready to try yet. I want him to make right with the job and all those broken empty promises, if im worth it he will do it, if not then I wasted a lot of time and I will need to face that he will never change and that I need to move forward for myself and my kids. Such a sad thing.. so sad and so much pain and hurt. I don’t think even a miracle will save us. I have lost hope with him, we cant even talk without a argument coming out of it. I don’t know what to do… any advice???

    • says

      First, thank you for sharing your heart breaking story with me.
      I’m so sorry you have to go through this, what an awful back stabbing betrayal.
      I am all for healing and trying to save a marriage, even after cheating, but in your case I think he has gone too far.
      I am amazed by your strength and by the huge love you have for your kids, which led you to try and fix things as much as you did, but I think you’ve made the right move by leaving him.
      I would take all the time that I need and stay at your sister until he has changed his work place and cut all contact with the so-called friend of yours, and made anything and every effort to heal your relationship and regain your trust in him.
      If he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. You can divorce on good terms and try to maintain a good relationship for the sake of your kids, who won’t be the first kids in a broken marriage.
      They will be fine.
      Hang in there, you are a strong and brave woman, and you and your kids deserve better.


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