7 Signs Your Husband is Cheating (and How to Make Him STOP)

signs your husband is cheating

You don’t have proof yet, but your gut tells you that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

Your instincts are telling you that he is lying.

Your inner voice keeps whispering in your brain: He is cheating on you.

Is it the young woman at work that “he’s just friends” with? Or the old flame that he’s been chatting with on Facebook?

Has he become distant, silent, and won’t touch you or look you in the eyes? Does it just feel that he’s not interested in you anymore?

Common Signs Your Husband is Cheating

husband is cheating

The truth is that there are dozens, even hundreds of warning signs when a husband is cheating, but for me (and for many women I know), it was a deep instinct, an inner voice nagging at me, warning me that even though my husband is still living with me, emotionally he has checked out of our marriage a long time ago.

Sadly, in most cases, these instincts turn out to be a heart-stabbing reality. And even if he isn’t cheating (yet), he is vulnerable to being stolen by another woman.

If your instincts confuse you right now, a few common signs your husband is cheating are:

1. Visible Signs – If your husband made a sudden and drastic makeover (wardrobe changes, grooming habits, personal hygiene), it’s probably not for you. More than likely, he is trying to impress someone else.

2. Work Habits – Men often use their job to as a cover for an affair. Any change in his daily work routine may be a sign that he is cheating.

3. The Way He Relates To You – This can go in 2 directions: Either he is suddenly MORE affectionate and caring (for no apparent reason) or he is extremely distant, avoiding contact and not communicating.

4. Financial Habits – If your husband is seeing someone else, he’ll want to take her out and give her things (the way he gave you at the beginning of your relationship). No matter how badly he’ll try to hide it, sooner or later this will be reflected in your family finances.

5. Sex – Changes in the frequency or the quality of your sex life may be warning signs of an affair. Wants more sex than he used to? A sign. Wants less sex? Also a sign.

6. Travel – Your husband may be using travel (for work) to as an opportunity to cheat away from prying eyes.

7. Emotional Affair Signs – If your husband is sharing his private thoughts and feelings with someone else, this is a definite warning sign of an emotional affair.

If he gets angry when you ask him questions about a female friend, don’t ignore it.

Here are a few more common signs your spouse is having an affair, by Dr. Dale Atkins (Psychologist)

The Single Most Important Mistake to Avoid

I know how impossible it feels to resist the urge to confront him with your suspicions – But I urge you to stop, unless you have solid and irrefutable evidence.

Accusing your husband of cheating without proof will lead to catastrophe, in 2 ways:

1. If you have no proof he will deny and most probably run (angrily) out of the house, which gives him a chance to “get his story straight“. This will lead to more lying and to things getting worse.

2. Confronting him without proof will give him time to decide what he wants to do next – Stop cheating and work on your marriage, or leave you for the other woman. You don’t want this decision to be made under pressure.

If you want to know how exactly to confront him about cheating – Here’s How.

How to Make Him STOP Cheating NOW

No matter how hard it is for you to grasp right now, I want you to know that  you CAN have it all back. The soft touch on your arm as you’re walking together, that loving glance across the dinner table, his love, admiration and respect.

You CAN get through this and make your marriage better than it ever was. If you use a few clever techniques (like I did), you can make him beg to hold you close in his arms and regret the day he ever laid eyes on another woman.

[yellowbox]If you want to affair proof your marriage – This is exactly how to do it.[/yellowbox]

What about you? Do you have a deep feeling that something is up? Which signs have you noticed?

Rooting for ya,


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  1. If he cheated I wouldn’t take him back. I wouldn’t even want him anymore and I would be happy embracing my singledom.

  2. It’s called “fighting like a woman for your man”. My dad cheated and mom fought for him. She won him back to her and to the Lord through her testimony.
    Now if only mom had used those God given skills in the first place he wouldn’t have looked else where to begin with. However, she is a Godly woman and when she realized her mistakes had been a huge factor in sending him away she worked hard and prayed to overcome those mistakes.

    Today my parents are still married and their marriage hs been made stronger because it endured the fire.

  3. I’m a guy whose wife isn’t interested in fighting. We love each other a ton, and have lots of sex (literally 2X per day, after almost 20 years), but there isn’t a lot of desire to just hang out. She’d prefer I do that with other women.

    I currently am extremely close to another woman – some people would say we are in ’emotional affair’ territory. However, we don’t have any interest in being physical, I tell my wife everything, and I like to think we’re just great friends. Most women would be pretty upset by this, but my wife loves it. It gives her a chance to unwind on her own.

    I almost wonder if having an affair would make things better. For years I have said how much I miss my wife ‘fighting’ for our marriage. How much I miss her sending me texts during the day or calling. How much I miss just hanging out and talking. Or a really long hug or holding hands in an intimate manner. But she’s not interested. She wants hot sex, but that’s about it.

    Any thoughts?

    • Wow, this is really an unusual story…
      About having an affair, I just don’t see why you would do that. You’ve said that you and your woman-friend is not even interested in sex with each other. Why not just keep it as a great friendship (instead of risking your marriage)?
      I think that you really love your wife and I can understand your problem. But how about finding something that you both like to do together (instead of just “hanging out”) and suggest that to her?
      For example, maybe she likes dancing. Or going to movies. Maybe she has a hobby that you can enjoy participating in. I think that she may really like it, don’t you?

  4. Thank you for the info am exactly in such a married relationship for 15 years have prayed, have burst out in anger still no change

  5. So my boyfriend and I have been dating for three years. He has never given me signs that he is cheating on me. Personally, I think cheating is even looking at another person lustfully (ex. porn). 1. He has porn on his phone and said he got it from an email virus. Don’t you have to look at porn to get a porn virus? 2. The other day i went though his history on his phone and it showed 6 phone pages of a person he googled and searched for and it showed he also googled “why am I crushing on my co-worker and why is she crushing on me”. I confronted him about it and he said he has no idea how that got there- it must have been somebody at work cause he leaves his phone on the table most of the time and his passcode is pretty common. 3. #2 was hard for me to believe so i gently brought the subject up again and this was 4 hours later- he said you misunderstood me, i did google and search her but only for criminal records BUT the other stuff (porn and why am i crushing on my co-worker) wasn’t me. that must have been the virus or somebody else. 4. I fell asleep last night and he told me he was gonna go have a cigarette and do the dishes then he would come to bed. Well, i woke up and the dishes werent done. so i asked him where he was. he said the part for his bike that was missing was found and he went to go fix it.
    what do you think?

    • Jaleesa,

      I’m so sorry, but in my opinion he is definitely lying to you.

      No one took the trouble to decode his passcode and look for what to do when you’re crushing on a co-worker…

      I think he is crushing on a co-worker, and she is crushing for him.

      In this case, I would focus on THIS problem and forget about the porn (which he also lying about).

      He seems to be heaading to an emotional affair, and you have to do something right now, if you want to prevent it.

      I know it’s really really hard, but the smart thing to do is to collecr hard evidence. Look into his phone when you can, look at his email and facebook accounts and gather evidence and only then – Confront him about it.

      Here’s how to do it the right way:


      Again, I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but please don’t lose hope yet. It’s not irreversible.

  6. My husband says he loves me and doesn’t want to leave me but he’s confused. He isn’t happy that I have not been able to give him a child of his own. I found another woman’s phone number in his phone and deleted it, he put it back in, saying their just friends. He was working in another state, and she lives there. He works in a lot of different states. Help me. I am crushed.