How to Save a Marriage ALONE (When You’re the Only One Trying)

how to save marriage alone

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Marriage is a 2-way street and when a relationship is in crisis, both sides are supposed to do their best to it prevent it from slipping away for good.

Sadly, many of us get their heart broken when they find out that their partner is not doing the same effort or even not trying at all to save their marriage.

Sometimes the spouse is just looking for a way out and doesn’t want to salvage the relationship. But many times, he or she is too depressed, confused or wants to avoid more conflicts.

This article will guide you in how to save your marriage alone. (Article Source)

“A spouse who is reluctant to work on the marriage may be in a place where he or she has lost hope that the relationship can be salvaged. Your spouse may feel the marriage is too far gone for any efforts to actually result in a positive outcome.

The only thing that is within your power is your commitment to the relationship, and the actions you take.

How to Save a Marriage Alone

If you find yourself alone in working to save your marriage, take these steps to heal your marriage by yourself:

Step #1 – Deepen Your Own Commitment

Regardless of the effort your husband or wife is making to save your marriage, you can strengthen your own efforts in committing to saving your marriage.

You may have already been pulling double-duty in terms of giving your marriage everything you’ve got. Now, if you want to save your marriage, you may need to draw on your inner reserves of strength and give a little bit more.

No one can decide for you what your relationship is worth, and what measures you’ll go to in order to save it. But if you feel strongly about saving it, deciding that you’re committed to do so will help you feel empowered.

Step #2 – Be A Best Friend

A lot of couples find that with time, their roles have become more adversarial than supportive. If you have a best friend outside of the marriage, think of times when that friend has been down. What type of support have you offered them?

It can be easy to forget that your husband or wife may need a friendIn you. Examine your relationship and see if both of you have forgotten how to be a friend to one another.

Again, you can only control your actions, but this is a way to lead by example. Your actions, such as making positive changes in how you talk to and behave with your spouse, may be the catalyst needed to get your husband or wife to want to make changes, as well.

Taking a more friendly approach can create a “safe” environment, one where your husband or wife may begin to trust that things really can improve.

Step #3 – Focus on You

You may wonder how you can give your “all” to the relationship and still have time for you. Part of giving in a relationship is being strong within yourself.

You need to nurture yourself as much as your relationship, because a healthy relationship requires healthy partners.

Many couples become adversarial because one or both spouses can become resentful, feeling they’ve given up everything for the relationship and there has been nothing left to give to their self.

It’s critical to carve time for yourself, examining your thoughts and emotions and working through your own internal struggles, as well as nurturing your own hopes and dreams.

How to Love Him Back Into Your Marriage

Your husband has chosen the immature cop-out and no longer wants to fight for your marriage.

But you haven’t.

You want to salvage your marriage, but how can you do it without him on board?

You CAN “love you husband back to your marriage”, but it requires that you KNOW the right steps to take if you wish to make that happen.

This book, which I can personally recommend, will show you new ways to connect emotionally, how to rebuild love and respect again, how to open up without getting hurt and how to see the lasting results, even if you are the only one trying.

As always I urge you not to wait. Act now, before it’s too late.

Rooting for ya,


What do you think? Is it possible to save a marriage when only one spouse is trying?

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  1. Well I filed for legal separation, but I don’t know how my wife wants to respond. Have you ever came across couples that agree on the separation? I didn’t have a great career as my wife did

    • Jamar,
      Yes, I have seen couples that have agreed about separating, but it’s rare. Most of the time, one pouse wants out more than the other.

      As for your career, if I get it right – The reason for you separating from her is because she has a more successful career?

      I hope I’m not upsetting you, but if that’s the only reason I think you may find yourself regretting it in the near future…

      Good luck!

    • separation is a hard way to get back on track (I am no expert) but once you leave it’s easier to just continue the affair it seems because out of sight out of mind.

  2. My husband has moved out he has divorce papers ready and is telling me he doesn’t want to save our marriage.
    He left because he has his own issues to deal with and thinks they don’t exist if I’m out of the picture as he doesn’t have to be responsible as a single man.
    He only contacts me to ask about our children once a week. I respond but don’t initiate any contact.
    At the start of our seperation I told him I would do all the work to save our marriage until he is ready but he said I shouldn’t bother as it would be a waste of my time.
    We have separated a few times before and he has always come back.
    What can I do this time to get him to give our marriage another go?